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Use Tally Factory to easily manage your fundraiser. Raise more money, more quickly than ever before!


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your event

Start now by creating an account and registering your event. Complete your personal and event profiles and include a passionate plea as to why the money is being raised. Add your participants and click submit.


with everyone

The most important thing in helping your event become wildly successful is spreading the word about it. Use the Tally Factory generated sponsorship letter in emails, texts and posts in all your social media accounts or you can write your own.


the scores

Now it’s time to enjoy your event. Go have a good time. When the event is finished, the administrator will input the results on the Tally Factory website. Tally Factory calculates the pledges and donations then sends emails to your sponsors for payment.


funds raised

Tally Factory will collect your pledges and donations, the funds are deposited directly into your Stripe Connect account.

What You'll Get Tell Me More >

  • No upfront costs
  • Lowest transaction fees available
  • Secure online payments with Stripe Connect
  • Fast and Easy Performance Pledge™ and Donation collection
  • Audit report spreadsheet
  • No fee for uncollected sponsorships
  • An extremely effective fundraising platform
  • A stand alone tool or a great addition to a traditional fundraiser

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