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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Performance Pledge?

A Performance Pledge is a progressive pledge system that allows sponsors to encourage their participant to perform at their absolute best because the varying pledged dollar amounts are connected to the different performance metrics in the activity. For Example in Bowling you can pledge an amount for an open frame, a different amount for a spare and yet another for a Strike etc. In golf, Bogey or worse, Par, and Birdie or better. Plus some optional choices exist. Other sports/activities will have their own.
Typically the pledges would increase in value as the difficulty increases, but you may pledge any amount you would like. Another example: imagine you have pledged for a young child that is bowling in the fundraiser, you could pledge a higher amount for the open frames because you expect the child to not hit many spares or strikes.

Why do I need a Stripe Connect Account?

Using Stripe Connect and having your own account allows the money to be split and to deposit your funds and our fee into separate accounts. Tally Factory never touches your money, all the payment processing is done by Stripe utilizing our page as a portal to their servers.

What does Tally Factory charge?

We collect $1.00 from each successful pledge and donation. Don't forget that our payment processor Stripe Connect also charges a small fee and small percentage of each payment processed.

Can I cancel my donation?

Payment processing is done through Stripe Connect, the event administrator has the ability to refund donations and pledges according to their own policy from their account. They may deduct fees from your refund as the fees are non refundable from Stripe and Tally Factory. Tally Factory is not responsible for refunds or payment disputes.

Can I donate to the cause, not to a specific participant?

Yes, you may donate to the event directly, but to Performance Pledge you need to select a participant since the pledge is based on the participants activity results.

How do I know how much I owe when the event is over?

After the event ends and the results are input to Tally factory, an email will be sent to you containing a link to the payment page. The payment page will show you the scoring and pledge information, the amount due and the form to complete your payment.

How is the custom sponsorship letter created?

The custom sponsorship letter is created with an opening paragraph that we have written to introduce the process to your potential sponsor, then the middle paragraph is the passionate plea the administrator included for describing the event, and the closing paragraph is a call to action that we have written to make the ask for their support. This letter is automatically generated and emailed to each participant when they are added to the event.

What happens if I don't reach my fundraising goal?

Short answer, nothing. We only receive our fee on successful pledges and donations, you will still get the funds you raised minus the payment processing cost even if your miss your target.

Is there a minimum or maximum size to my event description/passionate plea?

There is no limit to the size of the paragraph you can write to solicit sponsorship and describe your event. That said, we believe a mid sized paragraph is best. One that doesn’t take too long to read. We feel it should include how much you are trying to raise, what the money will be used for, and most importantly why you consider your need and fundraiser to be a worthy cause worth supporting. Put some real emotion and time into writing this.

How do I add people to my event?

Once you have completed your profile, registered a new event, created and connected your Stripe Connect account you make sure you are logged in. Click My Dashboard, select Edit My Event then select Manage Participants. There you can add the participant's Name, Email and Phone number.

How do I input the scoring results?

Log in, Click My Dashboard, select Enter Final Results. choose a participant, input the results for that participant then click the TALLY button. Make sure to Click Tally after each player’s results are input. Tally Factory does not allow multiple participants scores being input before clicking the TALLY button.

How do I know who pledged, donated, paid or hasn't paid yet?

Log in, Click My Dashboard, select Edit My Events, then choose View Sponsorships and Donations button. There you can view which sponsors pledged and donated for each participant. If the color of the sponsorship is red the person has not paid, if the color is green, the sponsor has paid. You can also send out reminder collection emails from here.

How do I know how much money I raised?

Current Total Raised is located on the Event Performance page. You can navigate there by logging in, Click My Dashboard, select Edit My Event then choose View Sponsorship and Donations. The running total can also be seen on the Event page itself.

What if something changes with my event like the date or location?

If something changes, you can update the information on the Event Details page. Log In>>> My Dashboard>>> Edit My Events>>> Event Details

How do I let my participants know about event changes?

Unfortunately at this time Tally Factory does not have a function to send updates and notes to your participants. You will need to contact them through your own means at this time.

What if I need to replace a participant that already has sponsors?

You can add the replacement participant the same way you added all the others. As far as the sponsors are concerned, they sponsored a bowler that will not be involved in your fundraiser, their money should be refunded through your stripe account. The good news is that before the event you will only need to refund donations since Performance Pledges have yet to be collected. It would probably be a good idea to contact the sponsors and thank them for the support though their participant will not be involved in the fundraiser. Maybe they will choose to still donate to the actual cause.

My event has been canceled, what do I need to do?

Delete the event from the Edit My Event page.

Why isn’t my event listed?

Possible reasons why your event isn’t listed. You have not completed your personal profile. You have not completed your Event Registration. The most likely cause is that you have not linked the event to your Stripe Connect account

From the event page, how do I become a sponsor?

Click the green Pledge to Event button or just scroll down the page and follow the instructions.

What's the difference between a Donation and a Performance Pledge?

A donation is a fixed amount of money given to the event or participant. Donations are processed immediately. Performance Pledge is a fun way of challenging your participant to do their very best by pledging varying amounts based on the activity’s metrics. Bowling includes Open Frames, Spares and Strikes, Golf includes Bogey or worse, Par and Birdie or better. Plus others. Pledges are collected after the event when the results of the games are input to Tally Factory by the event administrator.

Can I sponsor more than one event or more than one participant?

You may sponsor as many people or events as you wish.

What if I forget who or how much I sponsored?

If you create an account you can login and see this information under My Sponsorships. If you donate without creating an account you can look on your Credit Card statement

How do I print out my event/sponsor details?

Print CSV

How can I find the event or the person that I want to sponsor?

To find the event or person you can search from the home page or the View Events page. You can search by First Name, Last Name, Event Name, Organization, or Date.

What forms of payment can I pay with?

Tally Factory through Stripe Connect can process Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Discover and Amex at this time. Tally Factory will continue to try to make the site as user friendly and payment convenient.

Is your site secure?

Yes, Tally Factory is a Secure site with a certificate. No financial information touches our site or live on our servers.

Is my credit card-payment information secure?

Yes, Stripe is one of the largest payment processing companies in the world. Stripe Connect is also used by large companies like and Rideshare company LYFT. When inputting your financial information, our page is just a portal and you are directly interacting with Stripe Connect.

I can’t remember the amounts I performance pledged, where can I find that info?

When pledging you are required to create an account. Log in and view your pledge amounts and donations on the My Sponsorships page.

How do I know if I paid my Performance Pledge obligation?

On your My Sponsorships page the obligation will be colored red if not paid and green if it has been paid. Also the button that reads Event Results / Complete Payment will only read Event Results if the payment has already been made.

Why do you need my credit card information when I Donate even though the event hasn’t yet taken place?

Donations are processed immediately when given for the event.

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