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Refund Policy

Each event administrator is required to open a Stripe Connect account before an event can be listed on Tally Factory’s website. This allows the *Pledges and Donations to be deposited directly into the administrator's account. If there is a payment dispute or a refund request, those issues will be handled by the administrator of the event you sponsored.
Pledges and Donations are processed by Stripe Connect through a gateway on the Tally Factory site. Tally Factory is not involved in the pledge/donation collection process nor in the dispute and refund process.

This system gives the event administrator full control over the funds that are raised.

* Tally Factory charges $1.00 to the administrator for each pledge or donation successfully charged.
* Stripe collects a $0.30 fee and 2.9% of each charged amount to process the payment.
* Tally Factory and Stripe fees are not refundable.
* The event retains all other funds.

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